Fake fireplace mantel.

Fake fireplace mantel

Types of fake fireplaces. Fake fireplace is a thing, which will give a cosiness and will bring a certain highlight in your interior. Also it possible to hide interior shortcomings, for example various ledges of bearing designs or functionally to

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Corner fireplace mantel.

Corner fireplace mantel

Angular shape of a fireplace. Modern fireplaces are presented in huge variety of shapes, sizes, materials and models, including angular. Today they are most adapted for different living conditions, unusually technological, convenient and safe. The angular shape of a fireplace

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Fireplace designs.

Fireplace designs

Wide popularity of eco-fireplaces. It is good in rainy weather to flood a fireplace and at once to feel warmth of fire and comfort. Unfortunately, residents of high-rise buildings and small-sized apartments are deprived of possibility of installation of classical

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